Professional Development Series: Secrets to a Terrific Technical Talk

Feb 5, 2019, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Interfaith Prayer and Reflection Room - 3rd Floor Ohio Union (Columbus)
Kerry Hodak

Join Professor Betty Lise Anderson for an informative seminar on how to give technical presentations, sponsored by OUAB Grad/Prof. During Prof. Anderson's seminar, you will learn the essential differences between giving an oral presentation and writing a technical paper or report. The secrets are in the stuff you do ahead of time, and in understanding the differences between hearing information and reading it. The seminar will cover how to plan, present, and most importantly, how to design your visual aids to get your message across. Prof. Anderson will also point out common errors and tell some great horror stories. Finally, attendees will learn how to handle the highly stressful question-and-answer period. Lunch will be provided.