Current Funding Opportunities

As funding opportunities are announced and shared with the Office for Research & Graduate Education we will compile the opportunities, here. This page will be updated periodically as new opportunities come about. 

COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

As the COVID-19 situation develops the CFAES Office for Research & Graduate Education will compile relevant funding opportunities for our research community. Click here to view announcements. 

External Funding Opportunities

National Institute of Health (NIH) 

Methyl Bromide Transition Program
This program addresses the immediate needs and the costs of transition that have resulted from the phase-out of the methyl bromide pesticide with a focus on integrated commercial-scale research on methyl bromide alternatives and associated extension activity that will foster the adoption of these solutions.
Deadline: May 22, 2020

Forest Service FY 2020 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Combined Request for Applications
The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service anticipates that up to $4.2 million in new funds will be available for tree planting and forest health improvement in the Great Lakes Basin through the GLRI. Funds will be distributed across four program areas: (1) Forest Insect and Disease Mitigation, (2) Reduce Runoff from Degraded Sites through Green Infrastructure, (3) Protect and Restore Coastal Wetlands through Healthy Tree Cover, (4) Restore Resilient Riparian and Shoreline Forests.
Deadline: June 26, 2020

Renewable Resources Extension Act-National Focus Fund Projects (RREA-NFF)
The purpose of the grant program is to provide funds for pilot projects that: (1) Address emerging forest and rangeland resource issues, (2) Have national or regional relevancy, or (3) Develop new and innovative projects that can be replicated at other institutions.
Deadline: June 28, 2020

2020 Cochran Fellowship Programs or Contact Poppy Thornton for more Information 
Training objectives must support the agricultural extension goals of the Cochran Fellowship Program to assist eligible countries to develop agricultural systems necessary to meet the food and fiber needs of their domestic populations and/or strengthen and enhance trade linkages between eligible countries and agricultural interests in the United States by providing fellowships to individuals from eligible countries who specialize in agriculture for study in the United States.
Deadline: June 30, 2020

Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Grants
Topics: Enable and improve distance learning and telemedicine services in rural areas. Support the use of telecommunications-enabled information, audio and video equipment, and related advanced technologies to increase rural access to education, training, and health care resources for students, teachers, medical professionals, and rural residents.
Deadline: July 13, 2020

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI)- Education and Workforce Development (EWD)
The AFRI-EWD focuses on developing the next generation of research, education, and extension professionals in the food and agricultural sciences. In FY20, EWD invites applications in five areas: professional development for agricultural literacy; training of undergraduate students in research and extension; fellowships for predoctoral candidates; fellowships for postdoctoral scholars, and a brand new program for agricultural workforce training.
Deadline: September 24, 2020

National Science Foundation (NSF)

2020 NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase I and II Program
This program promotes use-inspired, convergence research in areas of national importance via partnerships between academic and non-academic stakeholders. This solicitation seeks to support and facilitate research that advances ideas from concept to deliverables in two overall convergence topics (tracks). The 2020 NSF Convergence Accelerator tracks are related to both Industries of the Future (IotF), and NSF’s Big Ideas.
Deadline for Preliminary Proposal: May 11, 2020 Deadline for Full Proposal: July 10, 2020

Other Funding Agencies 

Facebook Research: Foundational Integrity Research: Misinformation and Polarization request for proposals
In this RFP Facebook is offering awards to researchers interested in exploring the societal issues of misinformation and polarization related to social communication technologies to support the growth of the scientific community in these spaces and to contribute to a shared understanding across the broader industry on how social technology companies can better address social issues on their platforms. 
Deadline: May 6, 2020

Facebook Research: Economic Impact of Digital Technologies
Facebook is issuing a call for academic research proposals as part of its pledge to contribute $1 million to research that addresses the economic impact of digital technologies, including new tools that enable commercial opportunities. Topics of interest for this RFP include, but are not limited to, measuring new types of economic impact — for example, assessing the implications of digital technologies for growth, resilience under challenging circumstances, inclusion of marginalized groups, efficiency of payment systems, or other business outcomes.
Deadline: May 20, 2020

Fulbright Commission in Uruguay
A three-month fully funded opportunity for U.S. students pursuing master’s and Ph.D. degrees in viticulture, viniculture, agriculture or related fields. This fully-funded program will support two U.S. students for research and internships with National Institute of Agricultural Research, focused on the wine industry in Uruguay.
Deadline: April 30, 2020

Ohio Department of Agriculture, Specialty Crop Program 

The Specialty Crop Block Program provides funding for projects to enhance competitiveness of crops such as fruits, vehgetables, nuts, and nursery crops.
Deadline: April 30, 2020

2021-2022 Fulbright U.S. Scholar Competition
The Fulbright Scholar Program offers teaching, research or combination teaching/research awards in over 125 countries for the 2021-2022 academic year. Opportunities are available for college and university faculty and administrators, as well as for professionals and many others. Interested faculty and professionals are encouraged to visit the Catalog of Awards to learn about opportunities in the field of Agriculture along with other fields. 
Deadline: September 15, 2020 (For Most)

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative - Foundational and Applied Science (AFRI-FAS)
The AFRI-FAS requests applications for grants in six Farm Bill priority areas to advance knowledge in both fundamental and applied sciences important to agriculture. Priority areas include: (1) Plant Health and Production and Plant Products; (2) Animal Health and Production and Animal Products; (3) Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health; (4) Bioenergy, Natural Resources, and Environment; (5) Agriculture Systems and Technology; and (6) Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities. The RFA also includes eight specific priorities for co-funding with the American Pulse Association, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, The Cotton Board, Kansas Wheat Commission, The National Honey Board, and USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council.
Deadline: Varies by Program, See RFA

Internal Funding Opportunities 

Infectionus Disease Institute (IDI) wants to support your interdisciplinary research
Every semester the OSU Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) accepts applications for Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants, which are available for interdisciplinary teams working on innovative, well-defined research projects. The purpose of the seed grant program is to help get new projects off the ground, enhancing their competitiveness for extramural funding in the future. The maximum seed grant award is $25,000 for a one-year project.
Deadline: April 24, 2020