The Energy Frontier Research Centers program aims to accelerate such transformative discovery, combining the talents and creativity of our national scientific workforce with a powerful new generation of tools for penetrating, understanding, and manipulating matter on the atomic and molecular scales.

The ultimate goal for the three DOE Bioenergy Research Centers is to better understand the biological mechanisms underlying biofuel production so that those mechanisms can be redesigned, improved, and used to develop novel, efficient bioenergy strategies that can be replicated on a mass scale. New strategies and findings emanating from the centers' fundamental research ultimately will benefit all biological investigations and will create the knowledge underlying three grand challenges at the frontiers of biology.

The Hubs will help advance highly promising areas of energy science and engineering from the early stage of research to the point where the technology can be handed off to the private sector. In other words, this work will ultimately lead to new clean energy solutions and new jobs for America's families. Each Hub will foster unique, cross-disciplinary collaborations by bringing together leading scientists to focus on a high priority technology.

NEUP’s goal is to support outstanding, cutting-edge, and innovative research and development (R&D) at United States (U.S.) universities through the following: Administering NEUP R&D awards to support NE’s goal of integrating R&D at universities, national laboratories, and industry/utilities to revitalize nuclear education and support NE’s programs.